Blitzkrieg the best tactics history ww2

When World War II was the greatest war in human history that broke out after the military Germany invaded Poland. In addition to marking a new armed conflict in the world, Germany to Poland’s attack also shows the world of a new military tactics that have never been put into practice at that time.

During World War I (1914-1918), was the theatre of a static war the form of trench warfare. The soldiers stayed in the defensive trenches and trying to capture the trenches. To capture the opposing trenches soldiers have to cross the “land belonging to no one” and that’s when they become an easy target opponent’s machine gun. Casualty could reach thousands of people in a single attack.

September 1, 1939, Germany showed off tactics entirely new war called Blitzkrieg or Lightning War. In the blitzkrieg, the unknown presence of static defense in the form of a ditch or fortress. Defense is the best in this strategy is a combination of forces that continue to move the time of the attack.

Of course this kind of attack requires the war machines keep moving, the fighters who ruled the airwaves as well as infantry troops major continued to maneuver. This kind of attack will make the enemy surprised, trouble coordination so easy in defeat.This is what makes Germany army when it easily grind Poland. Poland, grind the success with the same tactics destroyed Belgium Germany, the Netherlands and France in 1940.

Blitzkrieg also used the legendary General Erwin Rommel while fighting in Africa. Heinz Guderian of Germany began developing tactics This Flash between the wars 1918-1939 to avoid a deadlock like the one occurred during World War II. This blitzkrieg strategy depends very much of the existence of light tank units are powered fighter aircraft and infantry.

The base of his tactics is the doctrine of the Schlieffen Plan outlined a military Commander of Imperial Germany Alfred von Schliefen, whose bottom line is war tactic that aims to achieve victory quickly.

This doctrine was then developed by an army officer, Germany, Heinz Guderian convinced modern technology such as bombers and tanks will increase Germany’s military maneuverability. As already mentioned above, the tactics of blitzkrieg Germany is indeed very shocking. After crushing Poland. Germany divert his forces into Western Europe.

On 10 May 1940, Germany divert troops to France, Belgium and Dutch. It’s not only the French supported a military strong enough, yet It also has a network of fortifications along the Maginot Line the boundary with Germany. However, once again Germany with blitzkrieg tactics could break through the Maginot Line, which had previously claimed to be impenetrable, and instantly move into French territory.

And in just one month exactly 14 June 1940 Germany forces already occupied Paris who followed ceasefire agreement between France and Germany on 22 June 1940.
The fate of Belgium and the Netherlands is not far different from France. Both countries
This is not the power of withholding rate Germany blitzkrieg.

France, Belgium and the Netherlands into Germany until liberated colonies the allies in 1944. End of the blitzkrieg u.s. unfortunately, perfect us any a strategy sure there are flaws. And weakness of the blitzkrieg unknown until Germany declared war against the Soviet Union. In 1941, Germany staged Operation Barbarossa to invade the Soviet Union. Initially successful blitzkrieg strategy and almost destroying the armed forces Bear red. Aircraft bombs destroy Stuka dive bases-Soviet air bases. While the powerful Germany tank army easily besiege and destroy the tank divisions of the Soviet Union.

In the 17th day of Operation Barbarossa, Germany’s charming 300,000 soldier, Russia
While 2,500 1,400 tanks, artillery guns and 250 aircraft destroyed or deprived. In the eyes of many people of Russia are already on the verge of defeat and Moscow appears to have doomed fell to Germany. Unfortunately, in the middle of that advance of Nazi leader Adolf Hitler have another thought. He ordered the Central Canon Divisions led by Heinz
Guderian was moving to seize Kiev.

Guderian’s actual anger over Hitler’s orders it, no power declined and as a professional soldier he exercised command of his superiors. However, Hitler’s command proved it to be a blunder. The battle turned out endless fast and still lasted until the winter of Russia came the cruel. The engines of the war Germany was stuck in the mud of winter Russia, while a result too sure could win the war quickly, Germany was not provided a proper winter clothing.

As a result, hundreds of thousands of soldiers Germany is killed instead due to the bullets of the Soviet Union but as winter hits. And, the strategy of the war Germany was so rattled the lightning early in the war, submissive by nature Russia and miscalculations of Adolf Hitler.