Military History

Military History

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USA Using Gods Hands in the Vietnam War

Vietnam War Most Embarrassing Defeat in American History. It is hard to imagine that a country like the United States with a tremendous military capabilities...
kamikaze pilots destroys

Rain of Death from Japanese Kamikaze Pilots and Suicide Bombers

Kamikaze Pilots and Suicide Bombers: Urban dwellers who like fears with robbers in every corner of the city, the American Navy is currently looking...
History of the First U.S. Nuclear Bomb Testing November 1952

The Deadly Legacy: History of the First U.S. Nuclear Bomb Testing

1 November 1952 is one of the historical moment for the United States (us). Country Uncle Sam when it successfully tested the world's first...
Blitzkrieg the best tactics history ww2

75 years ago, Germany’s military Surprise the world with a “Blitzkrieg”

When World War II was the greatest war in human history that broke out after the military Germany invaded Poland. In addition to marking...
veteran world war

World War II veteran Returns stolen Tanks 71 years ago

A veteran of World War II's surprising return of stolen military inventory list 71 years ago. It is a miniature war armored vehicle, known...