Ec725 Super Caugar

Maintenance Technician Eurocopter Ec725 is an effort by the Air Force, especially airfield Ats, to improve the skills and qualifications of personnel so as to have a high weighting in order to create professional soldiers. Furthermore, the commander of the air base Ats Easily said that professionalism will manifest in every human identity aerospace Able to live, and develop basic capabilities, as well as the capital base makes the execution of tasks in the field.

“We hope all the of participants will be Able to successfully pass well, Thus increasing professional personnel are urgently needed to care for and maintain the Air Force helicopter flight,” said Marsma Day.

Interest Maintenance Technician Eurocopter Ec725 education is to equip trainees with the knowledge that qualified on the implementation work related to the Eurocopter Ec725 helicopter flight. It is an effort to improve flight safety, and safety is an important part in the implementation of the Air Force human activity.