Iraqi Army Attack Mosul six leaders of the IS group were killed.
Iraqi Army Attack Mosul six leaders of the IS group were killed.

The Iraqi Army recaptured over a number of areas in the center of the Ancient City of Mosul, from the hands of the ISIS. In that battle, six leaders of the IS group were killed.

Iraqi Army  claimed, Commando personnel of the Office of Counter-Terrorism (CTS) involved in fierce clashes against IS fighters during a Sunday (03/19/2017) and frees Settlement Nablus in the west of the ancient city center, They raised the Iraqi flag over several buildings, Abdul-Amir said Yarallah of Joint Operations Command (JOC) in a statement.

CTS elite Special Forces are also fighting against members of the IS in several settlements nearby, as they move closer to the west end of the Old City center of Mosul, where hundreds of thousands of civilians suspected to be trapped under the authority of the IS.

According to intelligence reports, as quoted by Xinhua six people killed were Abdul Kreem Al-Roosy (a Russian citizen), Salih Al-Ahmed (a French citizen of Syrian origin), Abu Duaa Al-Maghrib (origin Morocco), Yousif Uwni (Turkey), Abdullah Humoud (Morocco) and Milad Seiro (a British citizen of Algerian origin).

Near Mosul, Armored Division 9th Army retook the Regional Al-Mulawtha and one village in the north Small Town Badush, about 10 kilometers west-northwest of Mosul, ousting IS, and killed many of them, the statement said.

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, who is also the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, on February 19 announced the start of an attack to oust the hardline fighters from the western side of Mosul.

In late January, Al-Abadi announced the liberation of the eastern side of Mosul, or the Left Bank of the River Tigris, after more than 100 days of fighting against the members of the IS.

However, the western part of Mosul, with its narrow and population between 750,000 and 800, seems to be a bigger challenge for Iraqi Army .

Mosul, 400 kilometers north of the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, has been controlled by IS since June 2014, when government forces left their weapons and fled, allowing members of the IS captured a lot of territory in northern and western Iraq.