north korea missile launch failure 2017
north korea missile launch failure 2017


The Security Council of the United Nations (UN Security Council) “strongly condemns”  The latest North Korea ICBM Launch, and condemned “the increasingly unstable behavior” from Pyongyang.

The criticism appears when the US military said that they were observing the activity in North Korea, which indicates the possibility of getting Pyongyang was ready to launch a fresh nuclear test.

north korea missile launch failure
North Korea Missile Launch Failure

“The launch and engine test is a grave violation of North Korea’s international obligations,” said the UN Security Council in a statement quoted by AFP news agency.

“The members of the Security Council expressed serious concern over North Korea’s behavior is increasingly unstable and striking and provocative in opposing Security Council,” he added.

North Korea is trying to develop long-range missiles capable of reaching the United States with a nuclear warhead, and conducted two nuclear tests and several missile launches last year.

north korea missile test
North Korea Missile Test

Although subjected to a series of UN sanctions since testing its first nuclear device in 2006, Pyongyang said it will continue the program.

“North Korea ICBM Launch Failed on Wednesday”

North Korea attempted to test more missiles failed on Wednesday, according to the United States and South Korea, or within two weeks after Pyongyang launched four rockets known as a drill to attack American bases in Japan.

On Sunday, North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un personally overseeing and praised testing “success” was called Pyongyang as a new rocket engine, which can be easily converted to a missile.

The statement said the UN Security Council members “stressed the importance of the Democratic People’s Republic of North Korea to show a sincere commitment  importance of efforts to reduce tensions on the Korean Peninsula and its vicinity.