North Korea fired three Balistic Missile off its east coast
North Korea fired three Balistic Missile off its east coast

North Korea re-spread threat to the surrounding states, especially for South Korea and Japan.

Recently North Korea shows the progress of the development of the rocket, which successfully Balistic Missile Test,. This, according to some analysts could have an impact on the security threat the United States.

North Korea today it is developing an intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM), which can reach up to the United States. Although he had several times failed to launch a missile, north korea did not give up and keep trying to develop more sophisticated ICBM technology.

As reported RUTERS of the North Korean news agency said the party KNCA North Korea is developing a world-class weapon which has the capability to launch satellites, the latest missile engine manifold intercontinental ballistic missiles.

United States Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson when his state visit to Beijing to discuss the domination and concerns over nuclear weapons development program and missiles by North Korea.

this makes the country increasingly concerned about north korea’s nuclear program, because north korea staged increasingly aggressive ballistic missile test that is directed to the border.

Deputy spokesman for the Defense Ministry of South Korea, Lee Jin-woo said that it was their progress towards the development of weapons in a neighboring country. However, it is still to be done assessments before the weapon is actually functioning, in other words, South Korea is still doubted.

“Through this test, it was found that the function of the machine has shown significant progress, but further analysis is needed to push the possibilities of use,” said Lee Jin-woo in South Korea, Monday (20/3).

Lee added, the test displays the main engine to be supported by four additional machines. However he did not elaborate on the progress that has been made weapon tests North Korea. He also declined to comment on whether the machine can be used for intercontinental Balistic Missile (ICBM). However, it ensures the North Korean military will conduct further analysis.

Earlier, North Korean state media reported THAT ruler of North Korea, Kim Jong Un praised the results of testing of weapons developed through rocket peluncran station says “New Birth” rocket industry of the country. South Korea Praises Successful Balistic Missile Test North Korea