Stealth Fighter
Four F-117 Nighthawks fly in formation during a sortie over the Antelope Valley recently. After 25 years of history, the aircraft is set to retire soon. As the Air Force's first stealth fighter, the F-117 is capable of performing reconnaissance missions and bombing critical targets, all without the enemy's knowledge. (Photo by Bobbi Zapka)

Russia military experts have stated something that seems to be terrible for the United States. Was Dr. Igor Sutyagin, claiming that the fighter and stealth bombers will not be kept hidden along the enemy’s radar technology the better.

The U.S. military has spent a lot of time, effort and funds to develop stealth aircraft, and up to now still continue to do. And when that stealth aircraft will only be lost to the air defense system that the value of its investments is much cheaper, then it really is very painful.

If the statement is true existence of Sutyagin, United will be haunted a big problem. Since the 1970, the trillions of dollars already have been Washington spent to design and build a stealth aircraft like the F-117, B-2, F-22 and F-35 and new bombers are currently still being developed, namely Long-Range Strike Bomber (LRSB). The biggest disadvantage is the United States will lose its dominance.

Sutyagin’s argument is quite simple. According to him, the demon platform such as the F-35 does offer power projection capability enhancement. However, the theoretical capabilities of the military hardware is not always can be translated to their effectiveness on the battlefield.

Sutyagin’s statement appears in an article published by the Royal United Services Institute, entitled “Limits of Stealth” where Sutyagin stated that the low-band “radar” or “low-frequency” would sooner find a radar-evading aircraft (stealth).

In his article, Sutyagin acknowledged this kind of sensors down there have been more than 80 years. It seems that it is true, as various reports say that in 1999 the Serbian military has deployed this type of equipment to shoot down aircraft F-117 stealth bomber Us air force. Well before the events of the shooting F-117 by Serbian or thereafter, defense experts have also been aware of the threat of low-band radar.


Excerpt from article Sutyagin: “one of the most important elements of the air defense exports Russia is a unique means to detect enemy planes. Unlike Western countries, Russia continues to develop low-band radar technology since the 1930 and has achieved impressive results. ” Sutyagin added: “air defense detection system currently being marketed by the manufacturers is a serious challenger to Russia’s defense against a potential of Western air power today and in the future in various parts of the world.”

Also, according to Sutyagin, jammer foes not too effective in anti radiation missiles and messed it up tend to only attack around the radar is not hitting the radar itself. Many of the techniques SEAD (suppression of enemy air defence) advanced at this time, but there has been no suitable to suppress air defense system radar based low-band.

This opinion is correct. Low-band radar capable of detecting objects that are very small or small parts of a large object, such as detecting a bulge on the airframe aircraft a stealth. Aviation experts including Bill Sweetman of Aviation Week strongly criticized the F-35 because the F-35 that is surging, which makes it easier to detect.

Low-band radar can be used to guide SAM (surface to air missile) around the target of the demon, and SAM fly alone to find the target from the radar cross section where, like at the side or the rear, instead of flying directly to the target.

The S-400 battery

S-400 Triumf Vehicles 2011 - Bronnitsi Display
S-400 Triumf Vehicles 2011 – Bronnitsi Display

The unique sensitivity of low-band radar is a valuable asset for any country which seeks to detect stealth aircraft to his enemies. But the reality so far suggests that the low-band radar operators less can maximize the advantages of radar. Because the low-band radar is highly sensitive, the operator found difficulty if the aircraft are past the clouds, when it rains or because of other distractions that tend to be making an error detection.
That’s the problem, and Sutyagin also recognizes that in order to use the low-band radar requires a sophisticated air defense tactics and complicated. But in his article, Sutyagin also confirmed that the low-band radar tactics Russia has undergone significant improvements. He explained that Russia currently powerful computers are able to sort out between the target and the noise captured by low-band radar.

Stealth platform become futile?

A statement from Russia’s military experts this is nothing new. But we also can’t argue that with better radar then it will make Stealth fighters became obsolete. The reality is quite complex.