hypersonic missile Yu-71

Russia is currently working to develop a new hypersonic missile, which can carry nuclear warheads. An undisclosed missile Russia was named Yu-71.

The missile that is part of Russia’s plan to modernize the country’s strategic missile forces. The development of Yu-71 missile under the project code name “Project 4202”.

According to Jane’s Intelligence Review, hypersonic missile Yu-71 has a maximum speed of 11,200 kilometers per hour (about 7,000 mph or Mach 10), and expertly maneuver. Russia so far has performed four times a test missile Yu-71, with a new test on February 26, 2015.

“(The missiles) will make Russia able to guarantee small-scale attacks against targets of choice. If coupled with the capability to penetrate missile defense, Moscow will also retain the option to launch a single missile attack, Jane’s reports “sound Intelligence Review, Monday night (29/6/2015).

According to the report, Russia could deploy up to 24 nuclear missiles Yu-71 in tempo between the years 2020 to 2025. At the same time, Russia also hopes to successfully develop an intercontinental ballistic missile named Sarmat.

In addition to Russia, the country that developed the hypersonic of weapons was of the US and China. China is reported to have been piloting the plane stealth hypersonic “Wu-14,”. Trials were in fact already done four times since January 2014. The aircraft is capable of carrying nuclear warheads with speeds up to 7,000 mph.