Korean War, North Korea's Nuclear Programme

Korean War? North Korea conducted its fifth and Reviews largest-ever nuclear test on Friday, claiming it had tested a nuclear warhead that can be fitted onto missiles.

The explosion occurred at 9:30am South Korea time on Friday. South Korea’s military believes the nuclear test had an estimated yield of 10 kilotons; the nuclear bomb that was dropped on Hiroshima was 15 kilotons. North Korean state television later confirmed the test and said it “examined and confirmed” specific features of a nuclear warhead designed to be mounted on ballistic missiles.

Meanwhile South Korean military reportedly plans to complete launch tests of missiles and increase of Hyunmoo missile arsenal. South Korea has devised a plan to destroy North Korea’s capital, Pyongyang, through intensive bombing if communist regime shows signs of launching a nuclear attack.

According to local media reports, attack plan was prepared after North Korea test-fired missiles last balistic fourth week, which is exacerbated by fifth trial two days ago. South Korea, which alarmed existence of a nuclear attack from a neighbor, According to local media, Decided to move ahead with attack Pyongyang.

Details of operation Came to light after South Korean Defense Ministry unveiled Korean Massive Punishment and Retaliation (KMPR) plan in front of National Assembly in response to latest nuclear test by North Korea.

Plan is to carry out pre-emptive strikes against North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and country’s military leadership, if any signs of an imminent use of nuclear weapons is detected or in case of a war, official explained.

In such a scenario, South Korea will deploy its Hyunmoo 2A and 2B Hyunmoo ballistic missiles, with a range of between 300 and 500 km as well as Hyunmoo-3 cruise missiles with a range of 1000 km.

In mid-August, Seoul Significantly Announced its intention to boost its arsenal of missiles to counter growing military threat from North Korea.

End of Korean war 1950-1953, no peace treaty signed by South and North Korea, two countries are technically still at war. whether Korean War will happen again?