'White Death' sniper Simo Hayha
'White Death' sniper Simo Hayha credited with 500-plus kills

Simo Häyhä, Born in Raujatarvi, Finland, December 17th, 1905 This is the number one most feared sniper in history.

Initially Simo Häyhä are a hunter and farmer in his native land. But one day, precisely in 1925, he joined the Finnish Armed Forces to meet the draft.

Since then, Simo Häyhä life began to change. Häyhä formerly known as the common man, now incarnated as the world’s deadliest sniper. How not, the Winter War (1939-1940) between Finland and the Soviet Union, Simo Häyhä managed to kill the opposing army which amounted to 705 people with a self.

505 of them were killed with a rifle, while 200 others with an automatic rifle.

Astonishingly, is currently Häyhä Simo can survive extreme cold. At that time, the temperature around the battle area called reach up to minus 40 degrees Celsius.

Simo Häyhä, also known as “The White Death”
Simo Häyhä, also known as “The White Death” is widely regarded as the most skilled and successful sniper there ever was, with over 500 kills to his name.

But even more amazing is the moments where Häyhä can survive even though the Germans had sent a battalion to kill him.

The Russians initially heard that Finland has a high skills sniper on the battlefield. Russia then sent a sniper to match it. However, the sniper is back in name.

The commander was again sent sniper, even in greater numbers. But again, the return shipment sniper in name. Until finally, Germany decided to send a battalion.

Simo Häyhä, The White Death
Simo Häyhä, The White Death

But what happened next was startling. The German soldiers in the battalion was killed, and still can not find where the location Häyhä.

Häyhä is known as a smart sniper. He can be camouflaged in a pile of snow to slaughter the enemy soldiers with no known enemies.

When fighting, Häyhä just sitting in one place, to kill all the opponents on the battlefield.

Simo Hayha, The world's deadliest sniper
Simo Hayha, The world’s deadliest sniper

Even more crazy, when in action, Häyhä used to enter the snow in his mouth so that his mouth was steaming when breathing in cold air.

But as clever as one Häyhä combat and camouflage, she still could not terhelakkan from enemy fire.

Yes, on March 6, 1940, a Soviet soldier who happened to find it, shot with explosive bullets. The bullet hit and destroyed the left side face.

Said his team mates had lost half of her face as they help Häyhä. But miraculously, Häyhä alive. On the 13th day after the shot, he came out of a coma.

A dramatic thing, the very day when Häyhä wake up, the Soviet Union and Finland decided to make peace and stop the war. Although survivors, Häyhä suffered permanent disfigurement.

Atasa services, Häyhä get a promotion from corporal to lieutenant by Field Marshal C.G.R. Mannerheim, Finnish top military leaders at the time.

Simo Häyhä nicknamed White Death by the Red Army, was a Finnish marksman
Simo Häyhä nicknamed White Death by the Red Army, was a Finnish marksman

When interviewed in 1998 about how he could be a great sniper, Häyhä only a short answer by saying, “Practice.”

Then, when asked if he regretted having killed many people, Häyhä replied, “I’m just doing my duty, that’s what I do, I’ll do my best.”

Simo Häyhä closes at the age of 96 years of age in a special hospital of war veterans in 2002.

On the tombstone, in addition to name, also written three words in Finnish, namely Home, Religion, and Mother Earth.