History of the First U.S. Nuclear Bomb Testing November 1952

1 November 1952 is one of the historical moment for the United States (us). Country Uncle Sam when it successfully tested the world’s first hydrogen bomb, Ivy Mike. This trial was conducted at Eniwetok, a coral island or atoll in the Pacific region.

At 7:20 p.m. local time, on the island of Elugelab, Ivy Mike detonated from a ship’s control. The explosion took place. Egulab was destroyed instantly, leaving a crater wide and deep as 48 meters 1.920 meters.

Ivy Mike First U.S. Nuclear Bomb

“The shot was, witnessed from a number of ships, not easily described. Accompanied by a brilliant light, the heat wave was felt directly at a distance of 30-35 miles. A huge fireball appear on the horizon as the Sun when it is half way to the top, “as reported in the document of the military, was quoted as saying of the Time.

Meanwhile, in a cover story after tests it was announced to the public. Time describes the effect, “the power and horror of the atomic bomb is entering a new dimension in the first boom … H-blast (Operation Ivy) change the sand island named Elugelab became crater under the sea.”

As quoted from Wikipedia, Ivy Mike explosion touted the equivalent blast 10 megatons of TNT. These trials make US a bit superior to the Soviet Union in the nuclear arms race.

Ivy Mike First U.S. Atomic Bomb

Trial events that actually occurred shortly after the Soviet Union staged the first atomic bomb test in 1949. Do not want to miss with the adversary, the land of Uncle Sam soon speed up a program to develop the next phase in the armament of the atomic bomb, that thermonuclear bombs.

The thermonuclear or hydrogen bomb bomb or often also called H-bomb get energy through atomic fusion. While the atomic bomb get their energy through atomic fission.

Fusion and fission reaction is a kind of different that releasing atomic energy. In the fission, atoms split into two or more so the atoms become lighter. Fusion is the reverse, occurs when two or more atoms is melted into one thus creating a larger atom and weight.

The working mechanism of the hydrogen bomb produces an explosion called 1,000 times more awesome than conventional nuclear device.

One of the ‘ fathers ‘ of the atomic bomb, j. Robert Oppenheimer include people who are opposed to the development of the hydrogen bomb. Oppenheimer had indeed was appointed by President Franklin d. Roosevelt to serve as a Director on the development of the atomic bomb and other weapons at the headquarters of the research at Los Alamos, New Mexico.

Meanwhile, other research also takes place at Columbia University, the University of Chicago, and Oak Ridge, Tennessee. While research is rolling, Oppenheimer invited a number of top physicist.

They are invited to work together to make an atomic bomb. But of the many physics experts present, elected just 3,000 people., then they are members of one team led Oppenheimer.

And finally on July 16, 1945, three years after the research is done, the Oppenheimer witnessed the first atomic bomb test in the desert of New Mexico.

Many are judging, the explosion that would change the world forever. And these allegations are proven because of the lapse of one month after the test run is done, the two atomic bombs scorch Hirosima and Nagasaki, killing hundreds of thousands of people.

This situation makes Japan must surrender and retreat from the World War II on August 10, 1945. Though condemned cruel because it has killed hundreds of thousands of people, the findings of the atomic bomb has assessed the positive side of Oppenheimer, that is able to end the global war that has lasted a long time.

But later, however, Oppenheimer lamented his works. He called for the atomic energy be harnessed for the benefit of peace.

This makes his loyalty and his credibility questioned Washington so that he should lose his position as an advisor to the U.S. Government in the field of security.

When the war ended, Oppenheimer remains ‘ engaged ‘ in this field. He was elected as the Chairman of the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission. But his rejection of the development of the hydrogen bomb back in question. He is considered a traitor and was tried in 1953.

Although Oppenheimer proven not guilty, but the security and protection contracts as Chairman of the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission revoked.

Shortly after the turn of the United States, Russia who do tests hydrogen bomb in 1953. Then, in the late 1970s, there have been seven countries had developed the hydrogen bomb. The current nuclear arms race of the world have come to the very scary step, which whipped up the alleged global war or World War III could have occurred.

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The European Union also noted the important history on November 1, 1993. That day the Maastricht Treaty, namely the establishment of the European Union that prompted the formation of the single currency officially enacted.