Nuclear Bombs Mark IV

A diver origin Canada find objects that are believed to be nuclear bomb United States (us) which is lost in the sea area at Banks Island. That location is the site where u.s. nuclear bomber crashed during the cold war.


A diver named Sean Smyrichinsky, thinks the object he found was a UFO. However, he was shocked after doing research photos on the internet that he found was a Nuclear Bombs Mark IV.

The Navy Canada direct investigations over the findings of the nuclear bomb. At least, the two vessels have been sent to the location of the findings, to ascertain whether the object was a Nuclear Bombs Mark IV “Fat Man” is missing or not.

Dangerous bomb was lost after the U.S. air force bomber crashed during the cold war. “I was a bit far from my boat and I found something I had never seen before,” said Smyrichinsky told CBC News, last night (7/12/2016).

“After years of silence, the United States finally acknowledged the loss of the very first nuclear bomb; the incident was first Broken Arrow, the code name for an accident involving nuclear weapons but that the bomb was dropped and exploded on the top of the Inside Passage, or that. It detonated at the resting place of the aircraft in the mountains? ”

BOM lost is the Mark IV. So Smyrichinsky look it up on Google Images, he admits that as objects are found.

“It resembles a piece of bagel,” she said again. “I come out of the dive and I showed up, I started telling my crew, ‘ Oh my God, I found a UFO, I find it strange that I have ever see!..,” he said.


After he returned to the Mainland, Smyrichinsky study of the history of U.S. bombers, “just before midnight on 13 February 1950, three machines from the US air force B-36 intercontinental bomber caught fire over the sea coast of Canada. The crew of the jump, and throw somewhere in the Pacific Ocean. Nearly four years later, the crash of the bomber was found by accident in a remote location in the coastal mountains of British Columbia, three hours, flying in the opposite direction from where it should have fallen.

Convair B-36A-1-CF (S/N 44-92004, the first -A model built) in flight. (U.S. Air Force photo)
Convair B-36A-1-CF (S/N 44-92004, the first -A model built) in flight. (U.S. Air Force photo)

Mayor Steve Neta from the armed forces of Canada told CBC News that the findings are believed to be a lost nuclear bomb that is the mock capsule.

He said there was little risk if the findings it is nuclear weapons, but the Navy Canada sends the ship to investigate.