US involvement in Vietnam

Vietnam War Most Embarrassing Defeat in American History.

It is hard to imagine that a country like the United States with a tremendous military capabilities that can be defeated in a war, but the United States and its allies have NATO military forces and the most advanced weapons systems at the time.

Beginning in 1957 Vietnam war U.S involvement, gradually America sent troops to help Vietnam at that time it was colonized by the French. In 1965 there was a split between the Republic of Vietnam (South) and the Democratic Vietnam (North).

The Vietnam War was originally a civil war between the Republic of Vietnam (South) and the Democratic Vietnam (North), but because of Vietnam war U.S involvement the Republic of Vietnam (South), the Democratic Vietnam (North) felt aggrieved and decided to ask for help to the USSR (Union Soviet, now Russian).

Vietnam War Start.

This was the beginning of a war between the two countries Superpower between America and the Soviet Union. War who risked Politics, Ideology, and Also the honor of the nation as a superpower country. Democratic Vietnam (North) that accompanied the American alliance, Australia, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, and the Philippines, Began to fight with the Democratic Vietnam (North) allies by the Soviet Union, China, and North Korea.

Combat helicopters arriving during the Vietnam War.

And when the climax in 1968 with 1.2 million southern alliance military forces Began pounding the northern alliance that only the 520,000 military forces, but in this case the forces of South alliance that tried to attack towards the north a little bit shocked, especially for the allied Because forces they must pass through the Forest wild muddy, swamp Also full of Crocodiles, snakes, and other wild aquatic animals, as well as mountainous terrain that is totally under Reviews their control. It is utilized by the northern alliance to surround and slaughter all-out South alliance troops and allies.

American military personnel in South Vietnam in August 1963

Vietnam War Deaths

Many troops from South alliance were killed, wounded, or Became prisoners of the Northern alliance troops. Most of the troops were killed, wounded, or detained are American military forces. During the 5 years of the troops from South alliance of continuous defeat and lost a lot of soldiers.

Vietnam war U.S involvement be a bad experience in American history”

States use a variety of ways to win the war in Vietnam. Including holding a number of covert operations to manipulate the weather in the area of ​​combat.

From March 1967 until July 1972, the US military spent more than 3 million US dollars to carry out top secreet operations in Southeast Asia. The aim is to extend the rainy season and flooding the Ho Chi Minh Trail, the system supplies used by the enemy in Vietnam.

American hopes high intensity rainfall and flooding to cause landslides, washed river crossings, or at least interfere with the movement of North Vietnamese forces. It was the first large scale effort that manipulate the weather for military purposes. And to this day it is unclear Whether that tactic worked well. The program goes by many names. Once referred to as Operation Popeye, Motorpool Operations and Operations Intermediary-Compatriot. Operation Passwords should always be changed to avoid leakage.

US and NATO forces in the Vietnam War

But whatever the name, this operation could be considered ambitious. States should lend a hand gods to govern nature. And in a strange way, some American troops saw it as a more effective way than by dropping bombs. “Make mud, not war,” is the official title of an Air Force pilot who perform these missions.

The project was undertaken by seeding the clouds above countries such as Laos and Vietnam with silver iodide. About 2,000 flights performed during the program that runs five years.

James Rodger Fleming, author of Fixing the Sky: The Checkered History of Weather and Climate Control explains that it is not clear how successful this program. But if there is something that everyone can agree upon, it is that the program makes it difficult for the military to experiment with tactics like in the future:

American troops were seriously wounded and raised to the helicopter to get help

Some claim that the (Operation Popeye) managed to create additional rainfall of 1 to 7 inches of flow of the Ho Chi Minh Trail, but there is no scientific data to verify the claim. Others say if these operations success would be a major impact on the balance of the war. But the fact the US is still lost in many parts.

The whole operation is naturally met with public attention after word began leaking out Operation Popeye. Some people today go so far as to call the weather warfare operations. Nixon administration officials initially denied the existence of the program when it was first leaked in 1971.  In July 1972 the New York Times have published their own story about the program with the new details that the public panic. Operation Popeye even had a brief cameo appearance in the Pentagon Papers. Just a few days after the New York Times story appeared, Operation Popeye closed.

Under public pressure from people nervous about the US military playing God, both houses of Congress rushed to pass legislation in 1974 to ban the weather controls for combat purposes. A 1978 UN treaty also prohibits the state from using a modification of the environment in war.

The world may have agreed that weather and climate controls is a dangerous weapon in the war. But the weather manipulation is still very much in the minds of US intelligence agencies. U.S Never Borrow Hands in the Vietnam War god but God willed the other on 27-Feb-1973 American surrender, then Agree peace treaty. Vietnam War time Period November 1, 1955 – Apr 30, 1975