There are at least eight countries that have reportedly been preparing to be aware of world war following the start of the bombing in Aleppo by Russia and Syria a few hours after a truce ended 16 days on November 4.

Citing the Scout, eighth of the country include Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Finland and Sweden.

Although the term “world war” was considered too exaggerate, North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) could not consider the second step these countries playfulness.

IBTimes alerts you, NATO has even bluff Russia and Syria with the stated 300 thousand army personnel have been stationed one awaits the command.

The preparations range from physical measures such as digging trenches in Ukraine, to purchase artificial weapon system cooperation United Kingdom and the United States by Finland and Sweden.

Estonia, meanwhile, staged a military exercise , i.e. the March as far as 25 miles, the exercise of avoidance, the identification of mines, skills test invites the armed civilians at home.

So any Latvia, citizens are asked to make defenses at home and armed with a gun barrel lengths and night vision (night vision).

In total, NATO claimed 300,000 exert forces ready in the next two months to quell tensions between the West and Russia, so quotation Morning News USA.

Representatives of the United Kingdom in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization or NATO, Sir Adam Thomson says this forces mobilization plan will be done in two months, rather than six months as raw procedure (SOP) that run during this time.

NATO improves Russia annexed Crimea since the readiness of the year 2014.0 says Thomson.

In Aleppo, the jets have hit civilian areas Russia less than 24 hours after the deadline for a truce expired last Friday (4/11).

Russia reportedly wearing a parachute bomb which left a trail of smoke and dust soaring high in the sky.