veteran world war

A veteran of World War II’s surprising return of stolen military inventory list 71 years ago. It is a miniature war armored vehicle, known as the tank.

Corporal George Martin, now 88 years old, decided to return to the Museum Tank swag in Bovington, Dorset, United Kingdom. He steals a miniature tank that in 1944 in training camp.

“Visiting the Museum Tank and back, once I realised it is theirs, it was awesome. I hope the younger generation will be able to see and realize what it really is, “Martin said as quoted Dorset Echo on Monday, June 8th, 2015.
Martin also said the handover of the tank because he was worried the tank history will end up in the trash by his family when he died then. “I’m afraid if I die, it’s just going to be thrown in the trash and the story will be forgotten,” he said.

Martin comes from Crondall, Hants, sign up voluntarily to become a soldier in the Royal Tank Regiment in 1944. At the time he was 17 years old. She trained as a driver in Bovington Tank RTR 42. Before training with real tanks, they were given thumbnail to get an idea of the original tank.

But a miniature tank should be returned, even bringing Martin without asking permission first. The tank was taken when she was commissioned in the Middle East until now, before it was handed over to the Tank Museum.

The Museum expressed their joy received valuable prizes from Martin, not to mention the story behind the tank. “This is the first Tank of our collection and comes to us with a good story. This fact has been appreciated for so long by the owner, to make it worth the very value for our collection here, “said David Willey, a curator at the Museum of the tank.